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About this site

This site is operated by the Saitama Sport Commission(SSC).


All rights pertaining to every file on this site, such as files of documents or images and the content of these, will in principle belong to Saitama City and SSC. In addition, some of the copyrights for images will belong to the original creator of these images.
It is forbidden to use or reproduce without permission documents or images that appear on this site. Still, in cases where there is an acceptable use policy in regard to each home page’s content on the site, this policy will be given priority.

Policy on protection of individual information

The protection of individual information that SSC obtains through its business activities is recognized both as a social obligation as well as a legal duty. We will work to ensure appropriate use and control in the handling of individual information.

Policies on the handling of individual information

SSC believes that protection of personal information of customers and members is an important responsibility. Thus it sets forth and will thoroughly implement the following policies.

  1. Strict observance of laws related to personal information SSC will strictly observe laws related to personal information. It will also strictly observe other relevant standards, and it will work toward protection of personal information.
  2. Thorough implementation of security management measures to protect personal information The Association will take appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information and to protect against leaking of personal information and any ensuing damage, defamation, or loss.
  3. Items related to handling of other personal information When personal information is gathered or obtained, SSC will specify the purpose in doing so, and it will obtain and use this information fairly and appropriately. Regarding personal information in the possession of SSC, SSC will respond appropriately when a person makes requests regarding the disclosure, revision, or termination of use of this information or when the person makes a complaint or inquiry about this information.
  4. Continued improvement in the compliance program We carry out continued improvements in our internal compliance program for the protection of personal information

On links

Links to this site are in principle free. However, when the content of the original site and the method of linking to it are judged to be “contrary to public order or morality” or when a “third party causes damage to or loss of trust in SSC,” then the Association will require that the link be removed or revised.
In addition, since unforeseen changes in or removal of the URL for each page can occur, we ask that you use the link on the top page— for connecting to training camp information. When you set up a direct link to anything other than the top page, please make it clearly understood in writing that the Saitama City Training Camp Guide is the home page for this link.

Displays other than PC displays

We have set up our website so that it can be optimally displayed on terminals when accessed by cell phone, but we were unable to confirm the situation for every kind of terminal. Since cases may arise in which cell phone access is partially unavailable, we ask for your understanding in advance.

If you wish to express any opinions or have any questions about the website, please contact the following

Saitama Sport Commission
4-2-20 Naka-cho, Urawa Ward, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, 330-0062 Japan
TEL.(81)48-762-8334 / FAX.(81)48-762-8474
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